View from the back of the movie Njan Prakashan

In the Malayalam cinema, the Bangla song is as beautiful as it used to be. It also contains Bengali, Hindi or Spanish in the need of stories.


Happiness is the pleasure of giving enjoyment to the next. Some of us find shortcuts when people around them are going to be at night to get pleasure. For the sake of the self-interest of the people of his own gain, it is in vain for him to go to the forest for a fast-sinking class. He's got a little more than that! He does not hesitate to make a little more of his ow
n. But time is not always on the side of everyone. Life is harsher than sternly to teach the hard truths of life. We are compelled to change the trail and life in the mud allows us to know our own. I was not so much of a loinful, this idea changed our lives. We get a smile on the next face, and we're so desperate to wake up and laugh at the smile.

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I can say that my banita is a bit birktikaro, but so many great dialog flow I enjoyed a movie really. As if reading the story book, it's a glimpse of the in
tellect to wear. This is another remarkable example of Fahad's great performance. The movie's name is "I Express" or "Nihan Prakshan". The actors or actresses have been very beautifully executed for their respective
duties. Can see. It's gonna be good.

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