Ishq-my disdain to your own


When you come from Versailles every day, you cross the road at Mirpur 13. Why is this subject being progressively eliminated? Nope! It's not about being a patriot or always crossing the road. If you want to know, I would say that you use the passion for life. I'm timid, cowardly so it's like the great men have to pass over and not go to the middle of the way.


In the context of this, it is common for the young people to sit down. What do you think? I am repeatedly condemning you for what you think I am. But it is very difficult to condemn anyone who is in a trap to rebuke him. But it wasn't supposed to be. Who's a boyfriend or a lover, I don't even want to get my head up.

But in our media or on social media, it is seen that the Kapota in the park is being pursued by a police journalist or a circumstinar YouTuber. Why is their argument here in one Love home? Even if they are husband and wife, there is no discount. We are being taught the sick policy Mashaliukta daily.

It may have been a while but the next step is very shameful! The modern umbrella was hit by an ignorant leader or a female member of the Big brothers in the area and the fool who was in administration, and the financial, even to the physical. What they consider to be effective legal action in the society.

I live in a society where I hate to call yourself a man. In such a situation, we are regularly given training directly or indirectly.

We are the men of Madshallah. Let the offender, on whom the crime occurred, make him a criminal. You love us and I concentrate on the things that I love. A little bit. Here, the object is not the same as it is, because we compare the human being with a sore throat.



An unlikely story has been developed by Malayalam cinema Ishq, Not a love story. Whose original role is Ann Sheetal, Shane Nigam, Leona Lishoy and Shine Tom Chacko.



A lot of the beautiful things that have been portrayed, can be seen.

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