The character of the crisis-Charitraheen | Hoichoi | Naina, Gourab

Adult content ahead!


Life is a show of love in the land, we make all our ruin, the selfishness of love. Hand in hand, the pleasure of the man, the joy of the moment. No one has forgotten to take the comfort of this heavenly bliss. But time is at its own pace as it shows us Juki in time. Life in the river is a new life. We want to put the past behind the door and remind them of the hard knocks that are going on. The growing breath of the loved ones, the happiness in the grass, or any other poem that you have to do.

We can't dare to present the past, and we can't forget the past, so let's start with the milk. The old love that you find in New Zealand is the same happiness. And then we forget that every person has a different type of love. In fact, the new man has a sense of self-knowledge, and he does not know how to do it. Love for distant people makes the tongue of the front man a poison. He also finds happiness, but he can fill expectations.

This is the essence of the character of the

There is no other sin in the middle of the new Year.


The only thing that is left is the Paroxicillin.

We are all the characters of a kind, self-confident character that is distracted by the character of one of the Hateemtai. He is the one who makes you happy and finds happiness in the other. If there is no Hatem, why is there a drama of happiness?

Nayna Ganguly, Saini Ghosh's acting was a rare look. However, it is better to say that this is a web series so be careful. The links have been removed from the two sides so as not to lose the ground.



The songs were very rare (Except visual)


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