Start of the great murder-euroium-dragon feet * Kick

Such a future – what can be thought of? Bangladesh's nuclear power plant has created a digital board of our own, with the addition of diverse advertising, the praise of the nation, the praise of the people, and the praise of Sheikh Hasina. Suddenly, the tectonic plates just below the Ruppur nuclear Center make a slight displacement, a fairly or better quality earthquake. Or, Bey suddenly has a large-scale cyclone whose power is more than a decade from the Sidder or the Foni. Due to which a few cracks in the nuclear power plant were released.


At first, no one felt that there was a radio active metrial, but the next day it appeared that no one was growing up in a nearby village or a few weeks later, and after 10 years of cancer, it started to appear. So how about that?

We need energy, but it's not about death. And the third world, like us, is not in a state of corruption. If we don't buy death in the name of development, we could have political leaders. Where are the countries like Japan that have shut down all nuclear reactors so we have no jaw?


We still haven't built nuclear power reactors, either. However, no protests have been made in the country, such as Chernobyl or Fukushima, where the fertile delta will be a witness to the hundred of Lais. This is why our size is very miniscule. The Crow Bird will also be found to be carrying the Biriani on the 15th of August. …

You can see how to get a fairly idea about iroonium. Thank you Mr. Md Fahim Sikder sir, great.

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