Well done ABBA! -The 14 crore mobiles of the crowd, mine went???


It has been given millions of mobile phones on behalf of the Prime Minister. MAHSA Allah!!! Very good news, my samsu (Samsung) over the phone for a few days. Free space by looking for software installed… Free space! What a bothered grandparents, 22 Kilobyter are expected to evacuate 300 megabytes for installing software. As if, the purchase of millions of Ibiem for vote count in Nunu size. In the past, we used grains to kill "mosquito Daga", but to come to Dhaka, you are really using a mosquito kill gun. Heavy problems, where do you get the epithets? I can't Doha the milk of a cow again, I hear Kara who exaction the same cow milk for 47 years! I sometimes have heavy pains for geruter (s). Atdineo did not realise that what he felt was a lot of peace, Upamaya added.


That's what you're talking about, mobile phone context. Digital Sorcarto and Analog mobile won't I know. I have guile trust in the government. It is not as expensive as government officials are, and Android is not bad. No, I would write the next blagata of Epgulonie made under the government.

But one thing Bujhalamana, call home and Gisnesso, but the mobile phone hasn't arrived yet! Ammake says, Duckpiane Kaku insisting to hand over 50. I was thinking of handing a penny to the 100, getting the official mobile phone talking. Status!!!

Did anyone eat? Maybe it's somewhere, I'd thesse a case for a law student. So DARE!!! Sharing government Malay?

Radish (can tell Gazro)

Well, a radish of Indian cinema is the mean of this blog. Gazro can tell-red, under the main ground. I moolatei happy, no mean Indian subcontinent is more than white. Well-right-father, 2009 Indian films, directed and Likhnite Shyam Benegal and Jonrar political satyr. [IMDb] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1397492/[/imdb]

The original Charitravinaye Boman Irani and a well. To resolve the water problem Arman Ali (Boman Iranian) applied for a excavation in the public office. According to the official data, the wells were dug but the finding was not found; Kupto then confirmed the theft. Arman Ali makes the case to the police, and the property is stolen. The police were initially forced to take the case without laughing, after the sake of official information. And…. For the rest of the movie, you have to see.

Bidra: Living or dead no person is completely unintentional and confused in harmony with space or time.

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