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Born with a baby born with a single mother. Ma started dreaming before the start of the children's dream. Boy would be my big, so big! Lokmukhe, the He got mother will be proud to hear her garbhadatrir Gungan-"She's not amuker mother, her cheleto…" The cower of the mother's pride is under the control of the Bakisab government. I mean,… No, it's not pedani to eat. Therefore, the undetectable of the mother's hard work can be given to children dher more education than a little bit. How can a little bit of bhavishyata secure the child, Dharta and ten mothers. The test actually appears to be mayederi harder than pariksharthider. My word is that there wasn't a school in the village. But still, the mother's wish to parabe me to a good school, went out a little bit, most the victims and Tatsmoye the best schools of Upazila Kshyat Schulei Padiyechen. Dad's Aye was a very bad temontana, it's not enough to make middle class twenties from Nimnamdhyatta. But the mother Dilna to be and, at the end of the month, a private school teacher Zana the salary of her son. The puck can be glistening in the face of the parents who study from hostels. As a student of science, the ninth-Doshme hostel the teachers beyond students. So that the boy's education is not dwindling. Amize Wheels the opportunity to so not try again. But maybe not guile as much as everyone expected: 5th and 8th Scholarship. At that time, the scholarship it was a lot of respect as it was getting the scholarship today. Those two thousands of egaror are going to get results by passing school, what do you know about sleep Aschilna at night! The mother's Chintua was never less than me, because everyone kharach good money and padiyechen good results in good schools. If you do not, you must bear the nose of spatter. Despite that, it was not my mother's sleep. The result did not go well, meaning the GPA-5 or A + did not get anything but that the mother was happy. So was not as bad as a student but the ninth Doshme Chhatrabase got a little freedom that was most damaging. Late was studied by the opbabhere of freedom. Then I'll write a lot of stories in the saifurce of English education or College of Dhaka or keyboard makes pointing today. [IMDB] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3785070/[/imdb] Mulkathay come on! What I was talking about was the success of the child as well as making a prachestha or Udhyom to the child as well as the so of the mother's litterateurs. Life in the river Vela never bananas the barthta of the child. The success of the child Uchchit the mother as much as Barthta her phyar: Punikvabe Paryasita. It comes at a time when mothers and children have to decide what to do gives. Eguto encourages the child to be like himself and understand that the Tatodine mother has grown in the eyes of the Sonny/Khukhu mother. The Emnoye Rugir treatment can be married woman belongs for as long as Rugi comes to the doctor but if Rogi doesn't come chembarei then the treatment will be kikre. Tatodine Parlei Banche to submitted the responsibility of the boy/girl in New Zealand's hands. Home is a bit nerdy in the first part of his Bengal, but it's not like that. How about this! -Baiki trying to kill a snake. Bengali is my mother tongue or language is? Makei born from mother to nose? -he's a complicated one. Question Dekhleito Head Charkagach-what say commit! That's why it's probably a fever to give the interview. The birth Lagne Bangla was ashlil in civilized societies, with the time taught shackle Bangla to members. In the middle, he was taught by the British rather than malicious. The He got Bangla in English to make the British happy. The Gochie of the Gochate Bengals took responsibility for the pollution. To remember, writing out. But due to the lack of orthsong in Bengali ad, a heavy Ramrama business. The bliss didn't last long, so the advertisements left the Paripatre place of the family event. But this is a little diyeki life. The revolution started to Rajnite Bangla, the Bengali shunam. It's all around the place, but the rajnite can't keep anyone dalbadal. Finally, Kaydin Bamera started using the Bengals and they threw them at the end. The use of Bengali today is nipideter praise to write or Premupakshan, now is the time to love Bengal: Cinema bangla was great but Saiba Kaydiner. Confuse to sit down with the heads and are, or Jesus went into the above words, "Bengali is my mother or language is mother?" Birth or Makei from mother? "This cinema Bangla has been published through figurative means. I don't know how I got it. Try, however. So great to see the Shamimke, thanks to a plethora of amazing movie friend Shamimer. Swasht Chatterjee and Raima Sen Durdanta The performances of both Excicute and Ranan to appreciate writing Chakrabarti. I beg Bangla-f-G and bananjanit to solve the problem, but the Bangla mother has not yet properly respected her. Then I will try to pass it. Thank you so much for the hope of all.


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