Karwan-When I thakbana!!! What a corbire fool..?

This modern city life is sudhumatrai two words of parents. In a busy life 9 pm on duty or during chat with friend alcohol. Where's the time to think about a parent dutoke?


But this mother word is the smallest and most sweet word in the world. Parasuno we nanazner to become a doctor and Berai, Keuba engineer, to improve quality of life, the poet euphemism rhymes Grug poetry and make the other constructors a new way. But a single mother has to be everything in one life to make her children grow up. Children grow up, the nityanatun of knowledge increases and the makei of that is left. The mother is so great that she accepts that the rest of her life only takes care of the child.

Dad is a complicated word. The demand for restrictions comes from all this guy. So the child's samparkata is not as good as the relationship with the mother. The Mbairachar of the father's rule seems more nishedhgulo than the government. Sometimes we commit a father's Biruddhacharano. We started to think of ourselves as a very intelligent animal and we forgot that the father had a child like me in the life of many chharai ups Downs in today's position. So, my father's decision to gyaneri a long life. We understand a time-informed is right but jatdine a child who is right to speak to his father and tatdine him to be wrong. We can't say how good our parents are but they're not bad! Not bad today-e kinda.

Jatdine a child who is right to his father, tatdine his child to tell him that he is wrong.


You may think of the part above. Everyone loves parents so much they have a lot to say to wrong people or in the world? But will you see a little back? That's what profession wanted to live in, but not to thya the father. Osbey don't have money. You thought you gospel were. I'm mine.

On that day, the jarinake of the House of the side sat by his mind, but the thya of the parents would not be considered. If you don't know the angel, it's hardly the parents think right. We realised one time the parents were right but that day they couldn't find them next. Because the time is so terrible… [IMDB] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7919680/[/imdb]

Many of me often ask Dulkar salmaner about Hindi dubbed movies. But the Hindi green coconut of Malayalam cinema is hardly the same. If you're one of those dabkhorder, you can watch this movie for a glimpse of Dulkarer Abhinoye, the language Hindi. In addition to Dulkarer, these cinema are Irrfan Khan, Mithila Palker and piece Kharbanda. Dulkar Salmaner is the first Bollywood movie to be conducted and the screenplay Likhnite is Akarsh Khorana who previously wrote a cinematic screenplay like Krish, Krish 3 and Kiteser.

From the Jonrar side of the comedy and drama, my top text may seem like a serious movie but neither Irrfan Khan nor his mouth are ah honey. If you can catch the humour well, Hensei for the whole time. Speaking of Dialog, Irrfan Khan's first dialog sums up the story of the whole cinematic universe. Dialog-

They punte me alive and thought that I would die. But they didn't know I was the seed, my dafnoi my resurrection.


When the parents came to lie down on the ground, we realised the value of the parents jhenke them all around the memories. As if their dafnoi their resurrection…

You can take the time to see a little slow in the beginning, but with the time you have to actually paid collide with the story. God gives us the knowledge of the organisation decisions of the parents and makes the time for them to take us out.

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